You know that love is not a single application kind of feeling.

You know that love is not a single application kind of feeling. Right? You know that just because you bought her a beautiful necklace yesterday doesn’t mean she is fixed forever right? You know that just because you took her to the movies last February doesn’t mean she is still riding on that right? You know that just because you bought her a beautiful, delicious Hamona treat she still needs more. Right?

Love is a situation that needs regular evaluation and constant care to keep it in good shape. Sometimes we love by just being in tune with the other’s feelings, sometimes we love by being there even when they are being unreasonable because sometimes, truthfully, we all become unreasonable.

Sometimes we love by being the source of strength for the other, or even for both of us, sometimes, by being the drape that covers the other’s nakedness, yet sometimes by being the very soul that carries them along.

Sometimes by being the glue that makes the bond stick properly, because sometimes life’s little battles may seem to tear us apart. Sometimes we love by upholding the values that we know the other holds dear even when life is making it hard for them to keep those values themselves.

I said love is a situation. It’s a situation that brings feelings. Feelings that motivate us to fly or be our best selves ever. Feelings that make us see life in a positive way, feelings that inspire us to love living itself, feelings that make our very existence worthwhile.

Love is a situation that we have to continuously pamper in order for it to be desirable. If you bought her something yesterday, tell her today how she makes you feel, open yourself up and give her you, take her to a beautiful place next week or hold her regularly for no reason. Tell her how beautiful she is, tell her how important and impactful she is in your life and be genuine, take interest in her life and what means the world to her, take away her pain as best as you can…..

This situation that love is, is made beautiful by active thoughtfulness. And that’s what makes it grow.

So, thank you for buying her a Hamona treat last time. Thank you for supporting Hamona confectionery, men like you are the hinge that life is held on, you are very important to our existence. And please go through our shop and pick her another delicious treat as we have many to delight her.

Together let us make this situation as desirable and as enveloping as can ever be. Let’s grow love and make our lives better for living. Giving is a double-sided sword. It cuts both ways. In a good way.

Hamona. We love. Love.

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