Wishing you a happy new year filled with love

Happy new year!! It’s a new year and a beautiful time to discover, observe and embrace new ways of loving and get on the road to new happiness. You deserve it!

You know sometimes we don’t feel loved because we do not pay attention to love. The beauty of love is that it comes in all sorts of ways and at all sorts of times and with all sorts of vibes. It can be grand and it can be subtle, it can also be illustrious. In whatever way it comes to us, it’s always there if you care to see it.

Each one of us is different and thus we will love differently. Some of us have had no childhood nurture of affection and as thus we do not know the best way to express that which we strongly feel inside, so we struggle with putting on the best display, others have been hurt and traumatized by the ones who would have made them feel comfortable with showing love so they are very careful not to make it bleed, but they love us still in their own way and hope we recognize it, and others know exactly how to paint a perfect picture of what love is doing to them and display it without any fear.

So when we are in love, we need to listen to love’s actions with our inner hearts and see it with our inner mind.

It can come in the seemingly small fact that she or he waited for that midnite hour to wish you a happy new day which indicates that he or she was thinking about you all this while but kept carefully waiting for that moment when it made the most sense. Show me, love, if this is not it.

Love is made of little moments and big moments, by not focusing on only the big stuff we get to enjoy the beautiful situation and feeling that love is.

What is your partner’s loving style? Is it grand, subtle or illustrious? If you have not found out what it is, give yourself a chance to examine their little and big acts with an open mind, you may discover all the love that you’ve been missing and in the process, you may take your happiness and appreciation to a new level.

At Hamona we love to love. Love

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