That woman is your ticket to comfort. Just let her be.

Sometimes men are touched by women who are not their own when they see how those women seem to prop their men up. True, women help motivate men to be their best selves by supporting them and believing them in their endeavours.

Deep down every woman has a desire to see their man get to the top. Professionally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Some women however are unable to do this because some men do not provide an enabling environment for such growth.

Take for example a woman who checks on a man when he is so late coming home but is reprimanded for being insecure or weak. A few times of trying this will make the woman give up and try to not care. Because the reason she calls in the first place is to check on her sweetheart’s well being. Although women know that men are strong and can take care of themselves, they still care to know if there’s a way they can support them in whichever way they can. They call out of care.

It would be simpler for her if she called and the man let her know not to worry because he is out late with friends and he will be safe. Such a woman will relax and do what she needs to do while waiting for his return. Maybe take a short nap so she can wait on him when he is having dinner later, or warm some water for him if that’s not a privilege in their washrooms, and she will generally be in a good mood to hear about his day when he finally comes home, or even the following day if it’s too late to talk when he gets home.

Talking back kindly to women and validating their concerns builds confidence in them which then they use to believe in and support their men in whatever they do.

Let’s look at another way that may stand in the way of women propping their men up. Some men actually do not have a plan. Not a drive. They live the day as it comes. They don’t have a road map.

While some men have a vague idea of how they want their tomorrow to look like and discuss their road maps with their women who end up helping them make it clearer and sometimes walk with them, other men can actually not share their plans with their women. They have an unhealthy belief that women are of little capability, thereby ignoring the fact that women as their helpers are supposed to see them through whatever plan they have chosen to follow.

Other men still, simply do not have a plan! These men are irritated by the woman trying to help them formulate a plan for a road map they may both follow to a better tomorrow, they see the woman as trying to be dominant. But the woman is in a dilemma. She knows her role is not to plan for this man’s future because that too will make him feel less manly, but she is denied her role of helper to help this man and they both find themselves trudging on aimlessly, frustrated and bitter.

Women in what seems like their weakness are strong beings. Women are very protective of their men in all aspects and a man who allows his woman to play her role will find peace in life because she will accord him all the soft support he needs to achieve his goals.

The women men admire as having supported their men to their best potential are the women whose men have discovered the power of a woman’s role in being there to walk with them on their journey to their set goals.

Where are you in your relationship with your woman? Have you let her take on her role to help you succeed emotionally, physically, professionally and spiritually or do you think that the other women you see from a distance are made of a different breed?

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