Water can always flow in directions it has flown before. If allowed to.

Similarly, love can always exist where it has existed before. If allowed to.

Many times as we relate we fail to harmonise our relationships and slowly by slowly they become shadows of the once beautiful things they were. We start looking out for new partners when actually we could work on the relationships with the ones we are with, because, there was and still is, although now hidden on frustrations and misgivings, something that attracted us to each other and made us want to spend eternity together.

Sometimes we have conflicting ideas that we do not give ourselves a chance to slice through and see how we get ourselves on the same page.

Sometimes we do not take time to know our partners’ likes and dislikes. We do not communicate the things that make us uncomfortable in the relationship and we do not take time to communicate our expectations in the relationship

At Hamona we want to have beautiful pain free worry-free relationships. We have looked into the areas that normally would bring the conflict to our relationships and we have packaged them into a beautiful picnic setting to help us talk about them in a lovely way.

Talk to us about your relationship style and we will recommend the best package for you

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