Let’s go back to the basics with this relationship thing, you’ll thank us later

You know how relating can be tight. Sometimes we find ourselves hanging on by a thread, sometimes barely relating with each other despite occupying the same spaces, and sometimes we have made commitments that may not allow us to let go.

Many times when we relate we focus on the feel-good factor and we may not necessarily focus on deep issues like how our actions and reactions are met by the people we relate to. Sometimes these actions and reactions create deep rifts between the relationship and you find it’s not as much fun as it was when we started out.

The problem is, that when we only focus on the feel-good sensation that comes in the early stages of love, we may not focus on why our partners do what they do to us, and how what we do with them makes them feel. We miss out on discussing the visions of our love relationships, about how little big and small things are likely to play out in the course of our being together and about our hidden fears and undoings, yet these are the things that dictate how smoothly our relationships will go.

Let’s take an example of a man who does not feel appreciated for what he does in the relationship, which may not mean the woman does not appreciate, but rather has not communicated verbally so the man is unsure. He then gets a void inside him, of wanting to share this most times painful fact but most probably will not find it easy to bring it up with his partner because there has not been the cultivation of this kind of conversation in this relationship prior to him feeling this way.

Or take an example of a man who wishes for his partner to take up some of the roles in the relationship but this desire has been popping up over time and he can not see how to bring it up for discussion. He moves and lives with an unmet need.

It is always important that at the start of a relationship before any commitments have been made, we talk about deep issues of our persons.

At Hamona we appreciate the power of talking and giving of self in material, physical and emotional ways because we know this to be the foundation of an enjoyable relationship. And, because most people skip this important step in the build-up of their love affairs, Hamona has committed to helping you evaluate where your relationship is at, and how best you can move it forward and create harmony for a beautiful fulfilling relationship.

We bring you our exciting picnic treat package where we have included carefully thought out love play cards that will guide you into having deeper insights into your relationship and create a deeper understanding for your partner.

We shall be rolling out this exciting addition to our treats starting next week and you can always get in touch with us to see which package suits your current relationship state.

At Hamona we love. We want to see you love. Love the best and most exciting way possible because honestly, we only live once. We ought to make it memorable.

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