Love can hurt, unfortunately

So, there’s a pain in your love life. Yea? There’s pain. OK. But why?πŸ€” You can not really point at the reason. Right? OK.

Love hurts, but only when it’s not right or when it’s not handled right.

How? If you are insecure and always believe your partner does not love as much as she says she does when you mop up all your fear that you might lose her to someone else due to whatever you have told yourself, or if you run the new relationship basing on your unpleasant old experiences, or when you do not love her properly so she does not reciprocate the love you give her…. and when you do not understand what love is.

Love opens us up and sadly exposes our innermost softness which makes us vulnerable. If your issue is insecurity you are constantly wondering if what she sees as your inside is good enough and you are always trying to get confirmation from her on how good you are. It may hurt if she does not validate you from time to time.

Also, when you mop up all the pain caused by past loves and decide to experience them together with the new love. I say decide because you have the power to trust and love fresh and it’s only your choice to do so.

When two different people relate, sometimes the bond does not set immediately, so while you try to learn each other, it’s understandable that you may get genuine pains here and there, and if in such times you happen to be carrying all your past pains, you will be overwhelmed and confuse your lover which may lead her to back away from you which may cause you immense pain.

You are probably here because you want to buy her a gift but you fear she could leave you and hurt you even after you have invested in her. Guess what? There are no certainties in life, just go ahead and order her a delicious treat from our shop to make her love you more because she appreciates you thinking of her.

Why else would love hurt? When you do not love her properly. When you love someone it’s very important to understand their love language. When you speak someone’s language you touch them deeply and they are drawn to you because they feel understood and they understand you properly.

What’s your lover’s language? Have you ever cared to find out, if not, could love to be painful because you two have failed to understand each other because you speak different languages??

Love will hurt if you don’t understand what it is. Love is knowing someone and appreciating them in different desirable ways. Do you know your lover’s views on different aspects of your union?

At Hamona, we have discussion cards to help guide you two through a meaningful personal conversation about your love and your goals. And now that you know, watch this space for details about our Love themed picnics.

Now that you have identified why love would hurt, go right ahead and order her sweet Hamona treats from our shop and set yourself on the road to sweet painless love.

Hamona. We love. Love.

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