Emotional health, a tool in eliminating fear

Emotional health. It has to be a conscious effort. It has to be a relentless mission. It has to be an ever-present goal.

The emotional health of both your partner and your relationship. The hidden reason we work hard, the hidden reason we strive as much to be gratified. That’s true for all of us. Each gratification may come in different colours but will be gratification nonetheless.

Money, after you attain it, will help you to attain the things that make your heart relax and bring you peace of mind. You will then be grateful that you are not yearning or anxious for anything. Your emotions will be healthy.

Similarly, while relating, if your partner can give you that same feeling, you will be grateful and relaxed and happy, all these are healthy emotions.

However, in our quest for the other things that aid us to get the things that make us grateful, we forget the unions for which we strive, from which we get healthy emotions. We forget the people that we partner with to help us attain that lasting gratification, we forget that daily we have to check on their state of well being and ability to still walk with us through our goals of attaining gratification.

We give in to the pressures of the world and sometimes they make us tense, that when we try to relate with our partners, we are inconsiderate of their feelings and we do not give them enough attention.

What this does is that it creates frustration in their hearts and with time they learn to find things that will give them pleasure or gratification. Problem is, that sometimes the things that give them gratification are other people taking on the roles we have neglected, then our union will suffer, and sad thing is, by the time you may realise the relationship is changing from what you originally envisioned, allegiance has already been shifted and now a war of sorts breaks out.

Emotional health. It is that which will help us communicate important or even hard stuff to our partners because we both believe in our goal. It breeds trust.

Emotional health is that which makes us value our partner’s point of view even when it’s different. It breeds understanding.

Emotional health. It is that which helps us think about what the other needs and we try to help them achieve it. It breeds empathy.

Emotional health. It is that which values companionship and closeness. It breeds unity.

Emotional health. It is that which guides us to the Hamona online shop to buy a treat even if it’s just for just. It breeds appreciation.

Emotional health is that which makes us daily strive to be the best versions of ourselves to our partners. It breeds long-lasting gratification.

Emotional health. It is an art that we can all learn. It is that essential to our well being. It is the reason we are at peace with who we are.

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