Falling in love makes you vulnerable

Falling in love makes you vulnerable, reduces your energies, makes you vulnerable and leaves you feeling exposed.. That’s why a strong person will turn into jelly the moment they open up to another. Men and women were made to fulfil certain responsibilities in each other’s lives, therefore the moment they like each other, naturally the bodies start expecting each other to pick up their roles.

What makes love hurt is the failure by one party to fulfil their natural responsibilities in the other’s life. The man will wait for care from the woman, while the woman will wait for validation among other things. The moment these needs are not met, love becomes a pain. A constant pain.

Do you wish to reclaim your energies previously split when you fell in love? It’s possible. Seclude yourself and tell yourself you are all you have and you are all you’ll depend on. Sadly that means you stop loving too. You can’t have it both ways, unfortunately.

Otherwise, if you are still willing to continue loving, pick up your role and perform diligently. You owe it to your lover. You owe it to yourself. Loving is for two, not for one. Loving is for fulfilling, not for depleting. Loving is for showing, not for hiding, loving is for peace, not for fights.

Now let’s grab some delicious bites from our shop while we ponder on this important fact.

Hamona. We love. Love.

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