How have you been loved

So today we listen to different women’s love songs.

I thought it would be great to hear from women about how they are made to feel loved, and below are their voices…. Names changed for security purposes

He comes into your life, he opens up places you never knew existed, he gives you the energy you never knew you could feel, he gives you hope for tomorrow like you could keep it in your pocket, he makes your feet so light you might as well just be floating not walking, he fills you up and you want for nothing even if you have nothing. This is the beauty of love.

How does he love you that makes you feel all these emotions??

Wow, let me look through it…..I have felt loved when he picks me up all the time, 🤗every time he wants to take me someplace nice and that made me feel special – Patience

I feel loved because he Holds me in high esteem. I know that even behind my back he can stand proud of me. Whether am with or without his presence I feel his love for me. – Naira

My man believes in me and listens to me all the time. When I face hard times I look forward to him holding me tight and then he listens then I say everything I feel. I feel loved this way. – Jacinta

We are like best friends with my boyfriend. Even when he is at work or upcountry, he calls me before he goes to sleep and he tells me about his day. I feel like he is always here with me and I feel important to him. I feel like am the other part of him and this keeps me wanting to be my best self so I can make him happy like he makes me happy. – Rhona

My man can beat up your man 😊. OK… he is not violent but I feel like he is strong enough to protect me from all harm. When I tell him whatever is disturbing me he is always there to sort it out for me. I don’t provoke people but I don’t fear anyone because I know he will always protect me. – Mercy

I sometimes get upset and unhappy. And when my husband notices am in this mood he starts checking on me from time to time and asks if am well or happy and he is always asking what I feel like doing to be happier. I feel cared for and sometimes when am upset I smile because I know he is somewhere thinking about me. – Monica

He takes time and talks to me about what’s going on and he tries to spend time with me, he holds me close when we watch a movie and he always brings home cookies for our weekend movie time. I look forward to weekends and I feel like he is the most caring man in the world. He is so thoughtful. – Joan

My husband has the clearest mind I think. When I tell him things I can almost hear him taking them straight to his heart. I don’t know but I feel like he is extra attentive without appearing intentional. I feel like he is genuinely interested in me. I feel like a prize I tell you… – Doryn.

So there you have it. How have you loved your woman? Are these women communicating something?

Let’s buy cake while we think about it all.

Hamona. We love. Love.

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