Could She be Cheating on you?

I know. She has said a hundred times that she loves you. Right? She has demonstrated a hundred times that she loves you. Right? You’ve been sure of her love in the past but lately, you feel like something is off… it’s as if she is not that into you…. a lot… even if you don’t want to wrap your mind around it you feel like there could be someone else taking her attention… could it be true or are you just being insecure??? Quiet. Let’s talk about this slowly, but in the meantime, order her a delicious Hamona treat and keep her busy thinking about you while we discuss her.

Done? Good. Now, is there someone she is focusing on that’s making you feel like you are slowly losing her? 🤔 Of course, there is 😊. And, no, it’s not another man. It’s herself.

Women were meant to be loved by men, now we shall talk about love on its own in another article.

Women were meant to be protected by men, to be provided for by men, in return, they were meant to feel good about themselves so as to please and submit to their men. When women feel good about themselves they melt into submission towards the men who make them feel good. So, have you been making your woman feel good? Could it be that you forgot about her so she is depending on her own love reserves to feel good about herself? Have you been offering protection to your woman against all potentially harmful situations, like disagreements with your family, abuse from her employers or workmates or even friends, financial dependency on her friends, and even protecting her against her own feelings of insecurity stemming from you improved interaction with other women, your increased absence from working hard and coming home late, or your increased lack of attention towards her needs?? Have you been her rock thru it all?? Trivial. Right???

Have you been providing your time and attention for her emotional needs? Have you been providing her with little gifts to show her you think about her even when you are working late at the office? Have you provided her with explanations and allowed her to voice her fears about things she has shown concern about?? Have you been there for her in ways men were meant to be there for women???

You see, much as this may sound trivial and biased, women are meant to lean on men for their well being. What happens is that when she has no one to lean on she leans on herself. That’s why you find that when girls or women are single they seem composed independent and happy. That’s what draws you to her. She is fun to be with, she is happy because she has herself to keep herself happy and composed. But when you come into her life, she lets her defence down because now she has allowed a protector (you) into her life. She starts expecting you to take care of her while she cuts down on how she hustled because now she has to devote some of her time to nurture you while you protect and provide for her.

Do you now see why she would switch back to the independent happy without your input woman if you stopped doing what you were meant to do in her life?? Of course, it’s not another man taking her attention, (although with time if you do not care to bring her back into your care she may find another man to open up to) but right now, she is loving herself, she is protecting herself from pain and all undesirable feelings, and she is paying less attention to you because to put it bluntly, you have stopped being of use to her. Do you get me?

Now before we get lost in this conversation, have you ordered a delicious Hamona treat for your woman? Please do if you haven’t yet. And when you are done, try to answer the above questions for yourself as honestly as you possibly can, and if you find you have neglected her in some way, gear up, melt her with love…

Hamona. We love. Love.

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