You are interested in her? Fight for her love, it’s her you want

So you would fight for her love, right? Fight to get her back, fight to have her still fight to get her?? Good.

So, how do you fight for her love ??

Do you fight by just saying the words? Do you fight by chasing away everyone from her so you be the only one? Do you fight by bringing harm to her physical being and all beings who lay claim on her???

Or do you fight the wining way? Being there to make her smile when she is unsure of what she is feeling? Or walking with her through that disturbing and sometimes inconvenient situation for you, but walking with her anyway?

Or by being her rock where she will long to hide when she feels vulnerable, or by making her feel like your cherished flower every time she remembers you? (you asked how they do that????), hehe, we shall see about that. Do you fight for her love by being there for her in significant and insignificant ways? Do you fight by buying her Hamona Delicious Treats??

Fight to win. Women are very easy (well maybe a teensy weensy bit complicated) but on the whole easy to love beings. When she seems to be looking in another direction don’t go for the stick, think a bit more about how you have handled her. Have you bought her delicious Hamona treats without reason?

Women love big things but it’s the small things that touch them deepest. Give her time, talk to her, listen to her endless stories (attentively by the way), without rushing to give her advice unless she has asked, and helping her go through whatever she is going through if you feel your kind of help will be very useful? That’s how you win her. That’s how she stays by your side and does not feel the need to look elsewhere.

Take the first step, for now, order her some delicious Hamona treats now. Hamona treats may make it easier for you to win her, don’t wait for things to get out of hand, because then you may need more than a teat to fix. Order her something now.

Hamona. We love. Love.

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