Why are women so difficult to love?

Why are women so difficult to love? And you know this love thing. It can seem so hard yet it shouldn’t be. It can wretch your heart, yet it needn’t to, it can make you doubt the ground you are standing on. But it need not be.

Love is seen from a different viewpoint for each sex, and for the woman, which is the easiest and clearest viewpoint by the way, it gets hard to understand why you the man don’t see it her way.

Honestly, she only wants you to believe in her. To show her she means something good to you with your action, to feel protected by you, and then she will take on the world. She will devote her whole being to making sure your being is comfortable, she will lay down her heart for you to cushion in whatever situation. That’s a woman.

So, why is that so hard to do, why are so many men walking around with confused minds and throbbing heads because of these women? It’s mainly because men love women the way they wish to be loved. It simply does not cut it for women. If as a man when faced with trying moments you need time alone to figure things out, for a woman it will be the time she needs you closest. When her world seems upside down, she needs you closer for reassurance that it will flop back to normal again.

Trouble comes when you as a man see her troubled and you keep your distance to help her figure herself out, What happens instead is that she feels abandoned and let down by the only protector, provider, comforter to whom she has devoted her life to. Then you come back to her when you think she has had enough time to sort herself out and she is not receptive to your advances. You then feel disturbed because to you she is not understanding and appreciative that you have given her space to sort herself. What then happens is frustration from your side and that’s when you start saying women don’t know what they want. They do; you have just not tried to cross to her side and understand their point of view.

How else do you love women apart from being there when they are experiencing emotional upheavals? Get her little gifts to show her that you think about her. It doesn’t have to be an expensive something, although if you can afford it, I don’t see why not. After all she is your queen, the target of your efforts, whose happiness is the reward you so aspire for. Show her she is worth it. Remind her that she is the one you have chosen. Many times you know that in your heart but have not translated it in a language she understands, then you keep wondering why she does not get it that’s its for her happiness and provision and protection that you push yourself to be better each day. Or is it not?? 🤔

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At Hamona we love. Love.

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