I have done for her everything, why is she interested in other people?

So, you wonder why even after you have toiled your bones weak and bought her stuff she still runs off with another guy, or at least desire him?? Close your eyes this might be hard to take in with all the distractions. You have probably not made love to her soul. Yes, she loves the car you have bought her, and the house is so pretty with all its toys and gadgets, but it’s her. She is empty inside. She is not filled with you, by you, because you are not making love to her soul.

Have you given her your time? I mean physical time to do nothing with her but just be with her? (she feels so secure knowing she has you in cash so to speak, to know that for a moment you are stopping the world to give her yourself. It makes her feel super important.!!!

Do not underestimate the power of security a woman gets from a man. When she does not have that emotional security she does not sleep fully, she does not rest fully, she does not enjoy life fully because she can not let go and also be her own protector. She finds herself always wanting and waiting to exhale so to speak, so she can relax. And if she finds herself in this situation for long, she will put her trust in the next man who gives her listens to her and gives her his time. She feels like she needs someone to take away the burden of being her own protector. That’s how she may end up with another despite all you have bought for her.

Women love what looks like silly things because to them those things communicate care and care communicates love to her. Women want to feel loved. Have you bought her flowers regularly? Yea, I know, silly things. Flowers. They don’t talk and she definitely doesn’t eat them. But guess what, they bring beauty to her soul. They scratch her so smoothly and make her feel warm inside, that warmth that makes her long to draw you in and take you to the warmest place inside her…..

Women love cakes sweets and chocolates. Yes, still I remember. Unhealthy things that make her waistline double you think, it’s just that she knows better to not eat them every day. So it’s OK, she will keep them and eat them ever soo slowly, she doesn’t expect you to buy them every day anyway, they’d become so boring…. (funny, right?), but that’s how it is.

Have you taken her out and told her your plans away from your familiar abode? Have you allowed yourself to be vulnerable and let her see your fears? She is your keeper, right? If you have not made it look like there’s something special you trust her with, do you know that she will find a reason to try and be there to a vulnerable other who feeds her with (even if he comes up with it just to grab her attention) his fears and makes her feel important that she is in his trust???

You see, she really appreciates the beautiful house, and the powerful car you have bought her, but honestly, she needs some soo less powerful soft stuff to rhyme with the soft tissue that’s her heart.

So, why not buy her a Hamona treat from our shop right now? Yes, it’s not her birthday but she will feel special, thought about and appreciated it if you buy her a treat just to say you think about her.

Dreaming about cake sweetness makes women want to nest with anyone who would bring it for them!

Hamona. We love. Love.

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