We share love, we become great

It might seem like we only write about problems in relating. Which is a bit true, but we look at it this way: We love by acknowledging the bad too. We know that when the love is right, somehow everything falls in place and all the stars are the right size. Every one of us has a different way of loving and a preferred way of being loved.

It is only when love goes bad or is going bad, that we may have a unified way of feeling. It hurts. Period. So, because we know what brings on the pain, we try to address those issues we have realised make love go sour, all in an effort to keep it sweet because ultimately, at Hamona we love; we want you to love, to love the best and sweetest way possible.

So today we will just say a little something about our products and come back in the next post with our love issues.

We bake our products with you in mind. There come times when you just want to close your eyes and give yourself a sweet feeling. We call this self-love. Love comes easy when you love yourself well, so in those times when you feel like you want to appreciate yourself and motivate yourself, reach out and order a treat from our online shop. We Deliver to your doorstep at a fee, depending on where you are located. Reach out, order yourself a Hamona treat.

Also, we bake with your loved ones in mind. In those times when you just want to sweetly say I love you or I appreciate you, reach out and order them a Hamona treat. Love is sweeter when done right, and nothing is more right than telling your special person that you think about them without using words. Who doesn’t want to receive sweet surprises?

At Hamona we love. We want you to love.

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